We're back - We never went away really

We're back - We never went away really

July 1, 2020


Good morning!

We've woken from what seems like a few months of social media and blogging hibernation.

Alright alright.... It's been a chunk more than that and we are truly sorry for having been off the grid.

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It's not because we've been lazy, far from it. We've been quite the opposite.

Over the last few years we've developed massively as a firm including new Warehouse Management Software, Scanning tools, 2 additional warehouses, a whole host of new clients onboarded, wholesale changes to our team and structure, new forklifts and courier options. Integrating all that whilst still picking thousands of orders a week and tens of thousands of products meant something had to slip.

Sorry - it was you. But we return, ready to discuss more about our service and how it continues to help UK and international retailers!

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UK Pick & Pack is a trading division of Sussex Transport, a British born and family owned, road haulage and warehousing organisation based near Brighton in beautiful West Sussex.

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