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How to use our 3PL management system
Ecommerce Fulfilment made simple

Your management information is important, and you can now get it whenever you want it.

You asked, we listened.  And can now boast a system capable of providing you complete visibility of your stock, orders, deliveries and financial reports.

These features (along with many others are now available with our MintSoft 3PL software. 

If you are a new client to UK Pick & Pack you will start straight away with MintSoft.  Legacy clients still using 3PL Central will all be upgraded shortly.

Below you will find a collection of growing articles to help you get answers and data from the software.

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Simply click on the tabs below to view the explainer for that question.
We are continually adding to these areas and as such, if there are questions you have that are not included below then please let our team know.
How do I view my stock
How do I create an order
How do I raise a query against an order
How do I book a 3rd Party Collection or Delivery
How do I view a monthly invoice – Detailed Information

Viewing your Stock levels

  • Log in to the system
  • Go to Reports on the left-hand side, then click Overview
  • Click Inventory Report to see a report of total stock levels currently held against each SKU
  • Or click Products in Locations to see a report detailing individual stock in locations with details of what is on the pallet as well (in the serial number column

Creating an order manually

  • Log in to the system
  • Go to Orders on the left-hand side, then click Input New Order
  • Scroll down the list of products, entering the number of each item needed and then pressing the Add To Cart button.
  • If you need a specific pallet (or serial number / expiry date etc), you can click the arrow on the left to see the items under a certain SKU. (see image 1 below
  • Once all items are added to the order, click the Complete Order button
  • Now enter the address and contact details for the order. If you have used them previously, you can use the Load Saved Address dropdown at the top. If it is a new address, you can change the Save Address slider to ON so this address will be available in the future.
  • Once all details are in, click the Create Order button

To Raise a Query against an Order

  • Log in to the system
  • Go to Orders on the left-hand side, then click Overview
  • Find the order you want to raise a query on and then click the Actions button on the right and select Details
  • On the next screen, click Queries in the top right corner
  • Select the Order Query Type from the dropdown and then fill in the Comments box below. Once the comments are in, click the Raise button

To Book a 3rd Party Collection & Delivery

  • Log in to the system
  • Go to Orders on the left-hand side, then click Collections
  • At the top of the screen click the green Book Collection button
  • On the next screen, fill in all the relevant details, then click the Next button
  • If the goods are coming back to the Sussex Transport warehouse, click the Deliver to Warehouse button, otherwise fill in the details of where it should be sent to, and then click the Save button
  • This will then create a Collection request in our system for the team to process for you

To View a Monthly Invoice – Detailed Information

We will be changing the way your monthly invoice will come out to you. Moving forwards, you will receive a top-level overview of your monthly transactions. To see more details on the invoice, please follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to the system
  • Go to 3PL Accounting on the left-hand side, then click Overview
  • On the next screen that appears, there will be a list of invoices. If you click View next to one of the invoices, it will then show you the details for that period.
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