It wouldn't be normal if you didn't have a few questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

So you've decided that it's time to move pick and pack provider, find your first provider, or time to stop doing all this yourself. Getting started with UK Pick & Pack is simpler, easier and faster than you think.

In fact we like to think our process of making you feel welcome, at ease, and confident in our ability to fulfil your orders will surpass your expectations.

Take a look at our how we do it page, complete our quote form, contact us, or give us a call today to talk to our experts about YOUR business and our onboarding process.

Can you link up with my website for orders?

Absolutely, our class leading warehouse management and 3rd party logistics software has all sorts of functionality that allows us to interact with you and your platforms.  Of course some platforms require a little more massaging than others to get going but thats why we have systems experts in place to talk to you or your web developers and get something solid in place.

We've yet to find a customer who we've not been able to get syncronised with.  Check out some of the stock ecommerce basket integrations here

I don't have a website but sell elsewhere like Etsy - Can you help?

Worry not, where others may struggle, we can connect with your marketplace accounts too. And not just to one or two.  We've really done the hard work so that bringing your goods onboard and getting orders to your customers can happen remarkably quickly.

Check out our Marketplace integrations today

Can I visit you and my goods?

We love it when you come to visit.  We will make you wear safety vests and will always need you to have booked an appointment with your account management team, but yes, we welcome our clients and enjoy showing you round, seeing your smiling faces and find that as an extension of your brand it's great for our whole team to know who we are dealing with and packing goods for.  

After all, no-one is better at explaining your brand and your principles, than you!

How do you accept orders?

This is a great question, and much like most things with UK Pick & Pack we try not to force anyone down just one route. The shortest answer is that we will accept orders in most fashions (we do draw the line at Fax, Letter and Carrier Pigeon though). 

We will chat with you about your order process, understand what works for you, discuss what works for us, and provide a solution which you will be happy with.

Can I use my own courier?

We've got to be honest here, the answer is no.  Unless the circumstances are exceptional!

We operate a collection of couriers, segregating outbound orders carefully and confidently we know what is where, who it's for and when it's being collected.  We're confident our collection of couriers can carry the majority of goods to most places, and we'd happily chat through any concerns or requirements you have for your parcels and packages.

My brand is eco friendly, what do you do for the environment? 

Great question and like you, we try our very best to operate in an environmentally friendly way.  We choose couriers with good ethics and environmental stance, we consolidate space on vehicles, shred and re-use cardboard, use environmentally friendly packing chips and materials.  

You'll find no oversized Amazon style boxes being shipped full of air here.

Can you deal with my full import from the far east, or collect from my supplier?

One of the many benefits of working with UK Pick & Pack is our alliance with our parent company Sussex Transport.  We've been in the logistics and haulage business for over 30 years now and provide a full logistics envelope, including international freight (import and export), and national and international road haulage. 

This means that no matter where your goods are, we can help remove those transport headaches.  After all, import and export paperwork is no fun is it!

Class leading Service Partners

Choosing to work with UK Pick & Pack means you are choosing to work with a carefully selected, class leading and elite collection of delivery and service partners.
UK Pick & Pack is a trading division of Sussex Transport, a British born and family owned, road haulage and warehousing organisation based near Brighton in beautiful West Sussex.

Ready for action?

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