Reporting & Invoicing

"If your system is talking to ours you will automatically receive despatch and stock updates as often as you require. Alternatively your invoice for despatches will outline your movements and delivery information along with costs for each order."

reportingWe all know information is crucial in measuring your success, but here at UK Pick & Pack we want to ensure you get what you want, when you want it. Too much can kill the fun, too little can leave you wondering what you've paid for.  

Our accounts team provide weekly pick and pack invoices highlighting each parcels movements and costs, along with monthly storage invoicing highlighting the movements in and out of the warehouse of your goods. This is enough for some, but not for others. For those of you requiring a little bit more our Pick & Pack Software provides a massive array of reporting functionality and with your own login you can get practically everything you need to understand what has happened with your goods over your chosen period. The software can even provide updates for your website to pick up every 15 minutes highlighting the orders and stock changes.

We are pretty confident that if you want it we can supply it. Lets talk....


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