Is Not On The High Street a Good Place to Sell My Goods?

Is Not On The High Street a Good Place to Sell My Goods?

October 10, 2022

Is Not on the High Street a good place to sell my goods? Many eCommerce retailers ask that question as they look for new platforms to expand their businesses. In this article, we'll look at what Is Not On The High Street is, the pros and cons of using it, and how retailers can set themselves up for success.


What is Not On The High Street?

Not On The High Street (NOTHS for short) is a UK-based eCommerce platform that allows retailers to sell their products online. It differs from other platforms since it doesn't require retailers to have their website - they can list their products on NOTHS and use the company's templates and branding.

Retailers looking for an easy way to expand their businesses should consider using NOTHS. The platform is simple to use, has a wide range of features, and is a great starting point and expansion piece to your eCommerce journey.

Benefits of selling on NOTHS

Setting up your storefront is easy.

NOTHS divides everything into manageable pieces, making it simpler to use and comprehend. This incorporates guidance with keywords, writing efficacious descriptions, categorizing products, and creating multiple variations within listings. In addition, an editorial team at NOTHS reviews and approves all content!

Organized order management.

The NOTHS order management feature quickly sends notifications to you about orders and customer inquiries. And with varying icons, you can differentiate special orders such as express orders, gifts, and international orders.

Great promotional activity.

Not On The High Street has lots of promotions and advertising. They utilize television, billboards, magazines, and radio advertisements to give their retailers an effective promotional strategy.

Cons of selling on NOTHS

The platform is quite expensive.

On top of a one-time account fee, they take a 30% commission with VAT (value-added tax) which goes up if you want to be featured in one of their catalogues.

Landing on the first page is a challenge.

It's hard to be found on the first few pages of their search results, even if you've been selling for quite some time. Therefore, it isn't easy to find customers who will keep searching.

No inventory tracking.

Not On The High Street does not let you keep track of your inventory. This poses a massive issue for retailers because if you only have five left of a product and eight people want to purchase it, then three are left empty-handed. This means you constantly have to keep track of your inventory and are penalized if you decline an order. So, if those three people were denied, you're penalized thrice for something that is NOTHS's issue.

How to sell on Not On The High Street

Establish your brand before applying.

Unlike many other selling platforms, not all businesses that apply are accepted by NOTHS. So, for your best chance of getting selected, have product samples, a business name, and high-quality images of your products.

Fill out the NOTHS application.

Be sure to follow the application guidelines set by NOTHS as thoroughly as possible. If you rush through the application process, you may shut yourself down before you've had a chance to sell. To apply, provide basic information about your business, including an address and your bestselling products. While you don't need a separate website, it's beneficial for sharing your creations with the NOTHS team.

Await the results.

If successful, you can now join Not On The High Street and sell your products. If you didn't get the NOTHS team's approval this time, you could always reapply. Review the feedback left by their team and see what improvements you can make to get approved next time.



While Not On The High Street does have some cons, such as its commission fee and the hassle of tracking your stock, it is still an excellent platform for selling products. In addition, retailers looking to expand their businesses should consider using NOTHS because it is an easy platform with a wide range of features that offer excellent customer service so that you can have a successful eCommerce brand.

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