How to Prepare your E-commerce Site for Cyber Monday

How to Prepare your E-commerce Site for Cyber Monday

September 20, 2022

The year's biggest shopping day will be here in just a couple months. Cyber Monday is an excellent opportunity for e-commerce sellers to generate more revenue, but only if they are prepared. This article will outline how to prepare your website, tell your customers about the sale, and let your warehouse team know what to expect. We will also answer the question: is Cyber Monday worth it?

How to best prepare your e-commerce site

1. Check your platform's performance.

How your website performs on the day of Cyber Monday will make or break your success. If your website is slow, customers will get frustrated and leave without making a purchase. The last thing you want is for potential customers to click on your site only to be greeted with a loading screen.

Before Cyber Monday arrives, test your website to see how it performs under high traffic conditions. We recommend trying these steps to ensure your shopping channels are fully operational come Cyber Monday.

1. Check your available bandwidth with your hosting service or tech team.
2. View all the product and promotion pages on your platform using various devices (laptop, desktop, mobile phone) to see your website's mobile responsiveness
3. Test the page speeds of your website, including your newly set-up Cyber Monday landing pages.
4. Have a staff member or tech consultant available to flag any issues as they pop up.
5. Create multiple backups of your platform and Cyber Monday pages to minimize any downtime if you face technical difficulties on the day of.

2. Be transparent about your shipping options and policies.

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic, consumers are willing to cut e-commerce platforms some slack regarding delivery times. But to receive the buyer's patience, you must be upfront about your shipping options and policies and offer free shipping as a cherry on top.

Let's not forget that online shopping is still very foreign to many consumers who are used to traditional methods of purchasing goods, so ease your customer's concerns in any way you can. We recommend you:
1. Update your shipping information, so it is proper to current timelines
2. Offer order tracking features and order status updates
3. Display the estimated delivery date in all shopping carts
4. Have a chatbot answer shipping questions and concerns

3. Develop a strategy for social media customer service and content creation

Assign a staff member to stay on top of your social media presence during this time. Use social listening aids to be on alert for posts mentioning your business, so you are prepared to respond. And always be ready to answer questions via Instagram DM, Twitter, and Facebook Messenger. Social media is your best tool here so use it to your advantage, post constantly so your consumers are always in the loop about what you’ll offer them!

4. Communicate your goals and prospects with your warehouse staff

Your warehouse is the backbone of your e-commerce business. Prepare them for an influx in orders by communicating your plans and sale prospects for Cyber Monday. Make sure to:
• Inform your staff about the expected volume of orders
• Review your current stock and make a list of products that need to be restocked
• Reassign roles or hire additional staff if necessary

Is Cyber Monday worth it?

The answer may vary depending on your e-commerce business goals. If you want to increase brand awareness or grow your customer base, we say go for it! However, if you're not prepared to apply the tips we've outlined above, it might be best to sit this out. Cyber Monday means tight margins, increased pressure to discount and fierce competition that it might not be the best time to experiment if you're uncertain.

Remember, the key to success during Cyber Monday is preparation. Following the steps in this article can set your e-commerce business up for a successful Cyber Monday!

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