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Rounding up 2020 – what a year for UK Pick and Pack

2020 has not exactly been the year we were expecting.   Preparations for Brexit meant storage space became more of a premium, we were pretty certain that would be the shape of 2020 and the year certainly started along those lines.  We scaled up our facilities and offering and began bringing in more goods for our clients (existing and new).

February hit the country like a freight train. Covid-19, furloughs, lockdowns, and more, rapidly changing the world.

At the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, our Business Continuity Plan kicked into action. When the pandemic started to spread, our Compliance Department implemented robust systems of hygiene to ensure the welfare and safe working procedures of all staff at all times.Parcel Delivery Pick Pack London Sussex

We lost zero working days and saw no delay in the despatch of orders due to the implementation of our plan whilst maintaining a safe and Covid-Secure facility for our staff.

In March, Logistics and Warehousing companies were designated as critical businesses and our staff as Key Workers.

On 23rd March, when the full lockdown was announced, we were able to seamlessly transition our office staff to home based working whilst still maintaining our full service offering to customers. Staff who remained within the building remained working to the high standards our customers required whist ensuring a safe working environment.

As lockdown eased and guidance was updated, we implemented a full Covid Secure Risk Assessment and working procedures that continue to be adhered to today, and will be for the foreseeable future.

We have been able to bring office staff back onto site in a safe and controlled manner whilst ensuring that there has been no service interruption for customers throughout the entire period.

Of course, November’s lockdown came and went and the tier system is currently demanding continued tweaks and changes.

We’re grateful to our team, our partners, and our clients for adapting so well to what 2020 has brought to us all and really look forward to continued growth, development and some more steps back towards normality in 2021.

If you have any fulfillment, warehousing, or 3rd party logistics questions please get in touch today by  Telephone: 01903 751 100 or Email:


Seasons Greetings from UK Pick & Pack

Picking and packing of parcels (especially presents) doesn’t really let up during the festive season, in fact many parts of our operation have peaks in the lead up too to Christmas.  Pick and Pack is definitely one of those as you can imagine.

The team will be working extremely hard (as they always do) during December to meet your needs and those of your customers, but we do have an adjusted operational schedule for the period.

Day / Date
Monday 21st Normal Service
Monday 22nd Normal Service
Wednesday 23rd Normal Service
Christmas Eve | Thursday 24th  0700 – 1300
Christmas Day Closed
Boxing Day Closed
Sunday 27th December Closed
Monday 28th December Closed
Tuesday 29th December 0700 – 1600
(limited courier collections)
Wednesday 30th December 29th 0700 – 1600
(limited courier collections)
Thursday 31st December 29th 0700 – 1600
(limited courier collections)
New Years Day Closed
Saturday 2nd January Closed
Sunday 3rd January Closed

UK Pick & Pack would like to thank all of our Clients, Partners, Colleagues, and Suppliers for your custom, commitment, and determination during 2020, a challenging year.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe 2021.


Padding Our Packages To Save The Planet

Like every company, we are acutely aware of our responsibility to the environment and are always looking at ways to ensure our operations have as little impact on the environment as possible.

Many of our packages have originally been void-filled using foam chips to ensure the safe transit of items and reducing the risk of damage. We have recently taken delivery of our cardboard shredder from our friends and neighbours UK Packaging Supplies Limited and are now using this to void fill our customers’ orders.

Now, we can now do away with the foam chips which not only saves us money, but in addition is also helps to reduce the amount of cardboard waste we are sending out of the business, so all nice and green!

Here’s a few photos of our shredder in situ and in action:

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Outsourcing your warehousing and logistics could be the key to staying afloat!

COVID-19 and the 2020 pandemic has placed a lot of strain on a lot of businesses.  Some have found new markets, or new routes to market, some are coming out the other side stronger, a collection are treading water, some have already failed, and others are trying to work out what to do next in order to survive.

Have you found yourself asking questions like:

> I’m hardly using my warehouse space now, should I outsource my warehousing?

> My business rates and facility cost are just too much, how can I downsize?

> I’m not sure I can bring my forklift driver back from furlough yet, or at all. Can someone else do the big stuff?

> Where am I going to put all the new products as I continue to grow?

> How do I go back to my business before Covid19 and continue to also operate the online version?

During the past 3 months we are seeing an increase in businesses who have asked questions just like these.  And after having comprehensive cost discussions with our team many of them soon realised that outsourcing was, and is a very viable option.  It has taken certain pressures off, allowed them to focus on their business and in many cases removed and reduced costs. 

outsource pick and pack

‘How about some answers’ we hear you say!

I’m hardly using my warehouse space now, should I outsource my warehousing?
We think so.  If you have scaled-down your space needs and are spending money on a storage space or facility that you may never grow back into then its definitely worth a chat.

My business rates and facility cost are just too much, how can I downsize?
We cant confirm the legalities of getting out of your existing agreement of course, but with over 100,000sqft of space in a variety of configurations, and the ability to spread our facility, team and equipment costs across our client base you may just be surprised at how cost effective we can be.

Many of our clients find they can work from home, or use on demand facilities like business hubs to give office and admin teams somewhere great to work from whilst we do the day to day work.

I’m not sure I can bring my forklift driver back from furlough yet, or at all. Can someone else do the big stuff?
Absolutely. If you just need a partner to unload artic deliveries, palletise container loads of goods, store and then send smaller consignments to you for ongoing distribution then we should certainly chat.

Where am I going to put all the new products as I continue to grow? Firstly, nice one on your growth! Secondly, we have some clients who have outsourced part of their business to us, and some that have outsourced it all. 

How do I go back to servicing my pre-COVID19 business and continue to operate online?
Another great question. Many business owners had to pivot to stay afloat, this meant selling new products, downsizing their teams and adding new sales channels or products. But now things are beginning to return to some form of normal they are finding themselves having to run the pre Covid business and the new business.  Can we take some off your hands?

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your business and the benefits of outsourcing some or all of your logistics operation. Contact us on 01903 751100, head to our online pick and pack quote form, or email

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Ecommerce and online stores are a must now – but you may suddenly be too busy!

It’ll be no real surprise to read that there has been a massive increase in online sales during the pandemic. Businesses simply had to adapt, not just to service customers and clients, but to stay afloat.

The landscape changed for many (possibly even forever), as retailers lost shoppers to their brick and mortar stores, and had to quickly find a new way to get to them instead.

Contactless local deliveries and click & collect were two methods that spiked. Another is going fully online and distributing nationwide – or even internationally. Suddenly ‘Digital’ is pretty much the norm.

Recent research suggests that upwards of 85,000 businesses have launched digital versions of their stores or begun using digital channels to sell during lockdown. It’s not just the obvious fashion and clothing stores either, industries such as Food & Drink, Manufacturing, Software & IT firms, Fitness instructors, and Agriculture have all delved into the online world over the past 4 months.

It really is great to see how so many business owners and teams have managed to adapt their approach during COVID-19.

However, as workplaces, shops and buildings start to re-open, they will be welcoming customers back through the doors with open arms. But employees who have been free from distractions, picking and packing orders, or planning new products and services will soon be busy again with those customers. Could on-line take a back seat again? It shouldn’t, but it may well be forced to. This is where a fulfilment partner can, and will provide much-needed relief and make further growth possible.

For start-ups, those who have made adaptations to their business, and those new to online order fulfilment, the benefits of outsourced fulfilment can be key in letting owners and teams focus on growing their business rather than sending out their orders.

If your online business has seen growth and you need to outsource some or all of the fulfilment please get in touch with our team today to discuss your individual needs. Contact us on 01903 751100, head to our online pick and pack quote form or email

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UK Ecommerce and couriers have a bumper time during Covid-19 Pandemic – but will it continue?

DPD recently announced that they have recruited some 6000 new staff to help meet the demand from online shopping during what is the ‘new normal’.

Their parcel numbers have increased dramatically as a result of the pandemic and this has been mirrored by almost all other couriers.

There is no real surprise that online shopping has grown dramatically during the last few months.  Many online retailers and eCommerce websites have also seen their sales grow substantially.

The question on everyone’s lips is, will this continue when the shops are open.

We think so….

There is undoubtedly concern amongst the public.  I for one am not overly excited about heading into a shopping mall or busy town centre any time soon.  I’ve also found other things to do with my time.  We once headed to the shops for something to do, but now take more walks, visit the beach more, spend more time with family and we are even starting to have friends around again. 

So am I happy to spend a few quid to get an item delivered to my house?  I sure am.  It’s the same price as parking anyway. 

Not all of us are the same however, there are no doubt people that crave the physical shops and enjoy the process.  But it will certainly be a slow return to the high street.

Also, lets not forget that eCommerce gained a whole new online customer base during the first half of 2020. A customer base who have been forced into buying online it and now actually quite like it.

Back to DPD.  Who even before lockdown, had announced that demand for their seven day a week, nationwide next-day delivery service had risen significantly as people started increasing their reliance on online shopping. The leading courier (one of our chosen delivery partners) are ‘forecasting the growth to continue this year’, and we definitely agree.

Much like DPD, we have experienced similar growth in volume, akin to the volumes we are used to experiencing in peak seasons across our fulfilment operation. We’ve had to adjust; investing in new technology and staff, along with the reworking of a collection of processes and functions in order to pick, pack and despatch more parcels in a faster time, without impacting on the quality and accuracy.

If your online business has seen growth and you need to outsource some or all of the fulfilment please get in touch with our team today to discuss your individual needs.

contact us on 01903 751100 or email

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We’re back – We never went away really

Good morning!

We’ve woken from what seems like a few months of social media and blogging hibernation.

Alright alright…. It’s been a chunk more than that and we are truly sorry for having been off the grid.

fulfilment pick pack sussex

It’s not because we’ve been lazy, far from it. We’ve been quite the opposite.

Over the last few years we’ve developed massively as a firm including new Warehouse Management Software, Scanning tools, 2 additional warehouses, a whole host of new clients onboarded, wholesale changes to our team and structure, new forklifts and courier options. Integrating all that whilst still picking thousands of orders a week and tens of thousands of products meant something had to slip.

Sorry – it was you. But we return, ready to discuss more about our service and how it continues to help UK and international retailers!

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Looking For An Easy Pick and Pack Solution ?

Have you decided against the pick and pack route due to any of the following;

  • I cant automate my process
  • My website isn’t the only sales channel
  • I cant spend money adapting my website to match the fulfilment house
  • I’m a technology novice
  • I just cant find a pick and pack provider that suits me or is flexible enough

If you answered yes to any of these then we cant guarantee that you are in the the rightplace, but we’d love to hear from you and do our best to make your life easier.

Here at UK Pick & Pack we are as flexible as they come. We have software to deliver a regular pick and pack service, but we also like to think we are extra accommodating to those of you needing that extra TLC.

Give us a call now and find out just how flexible we can be.  Or fill in our questionnaire from the homepage

Stepping into the world of e-commerce…

It can be a bit scarey stepping into the world of e-commerce….  But making money while you asleep, are out for dinner or away on holiday feels great!

Creating a website, advertising it, drawing people into it and getting it to the top of the search engines are all artforms in their own right so you must ensure to go carefully.

You’ll need plenty of time and research to get these right.  Finding the right partner is key to getting all these right.  An e-commerce site can cost an arm and a leg, and can be a real problem to get the functionality right.  Once you have a website, Google Adwords can munch the pennies faster than you’d ever believe – and getting to the top of Google using SEO can also cost a small fortune.

But think logically, be sensible and work in a structured way and you will get there.

Figure out what’s available to spend on driving sales as a portion of your profits and also work out how much you need to spend on average to get one sale.  Note that ratio, find the right delivery partners, set a baseline you are happy with and then increase the spend  -then watch the sales come in.

Whatever you do, get advice and ask friends to help you find partners you can trust and don’t be fooled!

As a customer of ours you will have access to our very own expert advice (in past careers we’ve been there and done it in the web world), our wonderful web marketing contacts and our experience.

We’d love to help!

Can We Help With Your Warehouse Storage, Pick, Pack and Delivery?

Thinking of outsourcing your pick and pack, storage and delivery service? Can we help?

In today’s economic environment you may ask yourself the question…,”what is better – managing your logistics yourself or outsourcing them to a professional company with the know how and skills to save you the bother?”

Handling logistics yourself may seem like an attractive proposition, with many seeing it as a way to save money,  however it can end up costing you more if errors occur that then decrease productivity or upset your customers. In-house logistics is also often hampered by a lack of resources and competence, and the inability to understand your specific requirements.

Outsourcing logistics may at first seem like the costly option, however the benefits to businesses of using a third party are becoming more and more apparent. Once viewed as simply a service provider, third party providers are increasingly becoming long-term strategic partners to their clients.

UK Pick and Pack will tailor their services to your business needs, and work in partnership with you to give you the best possible service, allowing you to remain in control. Perhaps there are some logistics you would rather keep in-house and others you would outsource and not have to worry about…


Benefits of Outsourcing to UK Pick and Pack:

  • We can fully manage your supply chain logistics, so you can focus on your business.
  • We can save you time and money by having experienced professionals with special resources and facilities, which reduces and eliminates any supply chain failures.

Having UK Pick and Pack as a strategic partner can take your business to the next level and increase its productivity, efficiency and reliability.

To discuss your options further, feel free to contact us at we’d love to hear from you!